The Asian Leopard Cat

The Asian Leopards are one of the smartest types of felines and have a great love of water. It is the size of a small house cat weighing normally between 12-16 pounds. Males are generally larger than the females. Body length tends to be around 25 to 32 inches. They have a small head with a short, narrow muzzle. Their eyes are extra large to help them see in the dark. They are not agressive. Sometimes their 'wildness' though can be mistaken for a from of agressiveness but these felines would rather run away than get into a fight. They normally are nocturnal and prefer solitary.

The Wizard of Oz - Here's to Henry

Most of the world knows character actor Charley Grapewin as Dorothy’s kindly old Uncle Henry. By the time Grapewin was offered the part in The Wizard of Oz, however, he’d already spent nearly forty years in the movie business and was thinking about getting out of it for good.

Higher Education - Higher Education and the LGBT Student

For many LBGT students, the beginning of college is liberation. They are able to leave the towns and houses that made them remain closeted and move to college campuses with vibrant LGBT communities where they can meet people like themselves. For others, college means four more years of hiding from the people you share your life with. While not everyone has the freedom to leave home for college, for those who do here are some tips.

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